2011 – January – ‘As one’

In collaboration with Marcelo Zavala – Baeza

18th – 29th January – 2011

Working together to make the exhibition ‘As one’, Mark and Marcelo create works which draw from the ancient relationships between boats and stone in the Nordic countries. Here, and in the remote islands of the North Sea, decaying boats and stone walls are often found co-existing naturally in the landscape. Over time the two different media acquire similar patinas and characteristics, trading their independent identities for one that is shared. The results rely on relationships created between the most resolute and monumental of nature’s materials and the delicate shell like vessels designed to transcend the earthbound stasis the stones represent.

The sculptural works in As one’ imagine a time before any known patterns of arrangement were established.

The stone and the boats are getting to know one another. They are engaged in an elemental dance, enjoying a game of composition and arrangement which must precede their eventual union. It’s the choreography of attraction that comes before an eventual architecture of decay.