2014 – 14 – 28 June – Conveying Korean Metalcraft – Sung Joon CHO & Kenny SON


Kenny Son Ipsa container
Round IPSA Container (Work in Process), Steel, Brass & Fine Silver, Work by Kenny Son, Photographed by Youmee Jeon

Conveying Korean Metalcraft is an exhibition showcasing works by Kenny Son and his mentor, Sung Joon CHO. Conveying Korean Metalcraft, focuses on techniques, skills and beauty that have long been used in traditional Korean Metal craft.

Supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade,Conveying Korean Metalcraft is an exhibition of work created during a 6 month scholarship program, reflecting the experience and cultural influences  Kenny gained during this period. His time in Korea was spent with his self-elected mentor, Sung Joon CHO (cultural designated master in traditional Korean metal craft) learning and mastering traditional skills and metal smith techniques including the delicate and labour intensive metal inlay technique, iybsa.

‘I hope to convey, introduce and share what I have learnt and understood to the Australian field of metalcraft, arts & design. I am confident that this will strengthen and broaden the knowledge and skills within contemporary Australian metalwork.’ – Kenny Son

Sung Joon Cho is highly recognized for his ability to easily fabricate and handle the material Nickel Silver whilst applying traditional Korean techniques to produced works those resemble flawlessness, traditional beauty and exquisite talent.

14th – 28th June 2014. Celebration drinks – Saturday 14th June 4-6pm