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Should You Wax Or Shave?

There are several advantages to getting a wax or shaving but both are very effective means of getting rid of unwanted hair. Perhaps one of the most determining factor as to which type you would employ is your pain threshold. If you are more tolerant to pain, the best option for you is waxing. Though you have to avoid when you are tired or stressed or nearing your monthly period since you are more sensitive and the procedure would be more painful for you. If you also visit a waxing salon and have the procedure done by a professional with years of experience, the technique they employ could also lessen the pain.

You Need To Grow The Hair To A Certain Length First Before Waxing

You could not just get the hair waxed as soon as it grows. It needs to reach a certain length before it is “wax ready”. This could be a hassle especially if you are constantly wearing clothes that expose that part of your body. But, if you could switch wearing pants with a skirt while growing out the hair, waxing is a better option since the hair would take a longer time to grow.

Shaving Is Easier

Compared to waxing or other means of getting rid of hair such as threading, plucking, epilating, etc., shaving is comparatively easier since you could do it at the comforts of your own bathroom. The resources used are also cheaper compared to other methods. You only need to have a razor and shaving cream, although hair conditioner is also an effective alternative. 

Shaving Makes Hair Thicker

Getting a wax for the first time after shaving it for a long time would be more painful because over time, your hair follicles become stronger and thicker compared to those who regularly go for a wax. If you get a wax regularly, the replacement hair that will grow back is finer. If you are scared to get a wax because of the pain, visit a waxing salon that has been around for a long time. By then, you are sure that the staff is professional and experienced. For example, Eclipse Day Spa waxing salon employs beauty therapists that makes their guests feel more relaxed.

Waxing Takes Time

Aside from waiting for your hair to grow, a waxing session usually takes 30 to 40 minutes. A whole body shave which could also be done while taking a shower will only take 15-20 minutes.

You Need To Shave Every 3 Days

Since shaving is only technically cutting the hair without getting rid of the hair follicles, the hair would grow again in a matter of 3 days or less and you find yourself spending 15-20 minutes shaving again. Unlike with waxing, it would take weeks before you need to wax again. You might be tempted to think that shaving is easier and takes less time but you have to do it more frequently compared to waxing since it lasts longer.

Whatever method works best for you, you have to remember that taking care of your skin and hair is still the best since it could lessen the pitfalls of shaving or waxing could give you.

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