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How to Take Care of Your Silks at Home?

Because of silk’s delicate nature, many people think that it requires special cleaning and care by the experts. Sending you silk garments to the dry cleaner is surely the best approach to clean it. However, it’s not all the time that we can visit the dry-cleaning shop just to freshen up silk clothing. Sometimes we just need to do it on our own at home.

No need to worry though because here’s a special guide on how to clean and maintain silk clothing at home.


Silk is a delicate fabric that’s why it requires gentle washing by hand. Just like what you do when washing regular clothes, always separate the colours from whites. Be careful in choosing the detergent to be used because strong ones can damage the fabric. To know if it’s okay to be used on silk, check the label and watch for signs like ‘suitable for delicates’ or “suitable for silk’. Never use bleach on silk clothes because it will greatly damage its fibres.

To clean washable silk shirts and other garments use cold water with a mild detergent and soak the garment for about 5 minutes or less. Gently swish and swirl the garment around the basin and rinse it. There’s no need to scrub since it can cause abrasions to the fabrics surface. You may use a fabric conditioner on the last rinse to maintain its smooth feel. To remove excess water, form your silk garment into a ball and simply allow water to drip out. You may also roll it in a dry towel to remove more moisture.

Dealing with Creases and Wrinkles

Wrinkles and creases can’t be avoided on almost any clothing, no matter what fabric it is made of. However, you must be gentle in dealing with creases on silk clothes. If you have a steamer, simply steam out your silk garment to clear up the wrinkles and creases. If you don’t have one, try hanging the garment inside the bathroom while you shower. The steam produced is enough to straighten out those lines. You may also iron it on low setting or depending on what setting is indicated safe for silks. Always place a layer of cloth between the iron and the silk so it won’t burn.

Storing And Hanging Silks

Silk clothing are usually worn on special occasions because of its luxurious look. Most of the time, they are stored in the wardrobe. It is best to store or hang silk clothes in a dry place away from sunlight to avoid the colours from fading. When you’re travelling or storing the garment for a longer time, make sure to place it in a breathable container to avoid moisture build-up. Moths also get attracted to silk that’s why it is important to add a moth repellent where you store silk clothes.

By knowing those simple care and maintenance tips for silk clothes, you can surely take care of them at home and prolong its usability and elegance.

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