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Mistakes You Should Avoid in Order to Look Great

We all love to experiment with our looks but some of them turn out to be a fashion disaster. So here are few mistakes you need to avoid when trying to look good.

Blindly Following the Trend

This is a common mistake made by a lot of people where they simply follow the trend. The problem with this is that sometimes what is in fashion might not complement your body or you might not be too comfortable in it which is why you are unable to pull it off. So always try something that complements your body shape and you are comfortable enough to carry yourself in it confidently. This does not mean you have to just go with one style all the time, you could get experimental with your wardrobe by trying out colours that you have never worn before. You should also try different kinds of pants for example skip the jeans and pair your whit top with a colourful palazzo or bell bottom pants. If you are not too sure about colour coordination then you could always look up for some ideas online.

Taking Risks to Look Good

Some of us take multiple risks just to look good and this has to stop. For example a lot of us go for chemical straightening and colouring all the time. This is bad because these harsh chemicals can cause hair loss and hair thinning in future. Instead you should try to embrace your natural hair and look after them. For example if you are finding it difficult to manage your naturally thick and curly hair then you should try to style it using a hair mousse. Similarly, during summer everybody wants the perfect tan and some people soak themselves in sun for long hours. This is bad because over exposure to it can harm your eyes. Instead you could try eco tan they have got the products that will make you summer ready in just few minutes. Also unlike other brands, their tan does look natural so you don’t have to worry about that!

Overdoing Makeup

The sole purpose of makeup is to enhance your natural features. Unfortunately today people misuse it and try to change their features using it. There are a lot of beauty bloggers out there who cake themselves in makeup, this should be avoided because too much of it can make you look bad. Don’t use a foundation which is two times lighter your shades, rather get something which is your exact shade. This goes the same for eyebrows, don’t go overboard with it. If you are not too good with makeup then practice couple of times before you actually try them when you go out.

Lastly, another mistake made by almost all of us is that we take other people’s opinions too seriously. Keep in mind that not everyone wants well for you, some people no matter how good you look will always put you down by saying that you are not enough. So just take the opinion of those that matter.

Hope that you will not repeat the above stated mistakes.

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