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How to Reduce Premature Aging

Natural aging is inevitable- our lifespan dictates that we are bound to get those small fine lines, wrinkles and thinness of the face as time goes on. This is normal. What isn’t normal is the aging brought about by environmental factors or our personal lifestyle. This often gives way to what we call ‘premature aging’. To take care of your skin and reduce premature aging, these are the small changes you need to be making in your life:

Everyday Protection

You might think- ‘Oh, it’s just a short errand to the store. I’m not going to apply sunscreen for that!’ but you underestimate how damaging the sun’s rays have become to us. Even the shortest of errands require protection from the sun, whether this means actively seeking out shade or wearing sunscreen to any part of you that isn’t covered by clothing. It doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared.


For obvious reasons, tanning under direct sunlight can be quite harming to the skin. This is why more and more people are switching to the safer method of self-tanning. By using indoor equipment like that found in Organic Beauty Co you reduce the risk of any premature aging.


Cigarettes contain a component known as nicotine. This component constricts blood vessels and as a result, the blood flow to your skin isn’t at optimal level. This means your skin isn’t receiving the right amount of oxygen and it’ll give way to a dull complexion and sagging. So smoking is definitely one habit you’ll want to try and give up.


If you’ve ever had alcohol, you might have noticed that dry feeling in your mouth towards the end of the night. This is a good example of how dehydrating alcohol can be for your body and naturally that won’t end well for your skin, which needs constant moisture sealed in to be supple and healthy so you might want to reduce how much/often your drink.

Gently Cleaning

Some people think that it doesn’t matter how hard and often they scrub away at their skin because it seems to get the job done better. But in reality, all the pollutants that accumulate on your face throughout the day can be gently washed away in a routine cleansing. If you scrub too harshly, you just end up irritating your skin and this of course, accelerates aging.


Moisturizing should be a consistent part of anyone’s skin care routine. By moisturizing your skin, you help seal in the moisture and prevent your skin from getting dry. Make sure to do it after a wash or before you go to sleep because these are moments when your skin tends to dry out.


Exercising has many benefits but one that applies to the skin is that it improves circulation and boosts immunity. This means your skin will never have that sallow look as it will be adequately supplied with enough oxygen and nutrients.

These are the best ways you can reduce premature aging. Give them a shot and see how it goes!

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