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How Has the Cosmetic Industry Evolved Over the Years?

Makeup is known to everyone and is used to different degrees changing from person to person. While there are those who would not leave their house without makeup others use the bare minimum. The evolution of makeup has been fast and extraordinary it has not only become something that enhances how a person’s feels but has also become a way people can experiment their looks and even disguise features.

There are tons of pros and cons when it comes to the cosmetic industry but just like any other form of fashion in this world the demand for it will most likely never fall. The changes in consumer patterns, environmental awareness and even social stigmas have changed how the cosmetic industry manufactures, brands and sells their products. Here are some of the ways that has happened.

The change from artificial to organic

Back in the day and even now many companies still go for artificialingredients and if it isn’t artificial then it is extracted from the environment in an unethical or unsustainable method which has been heavily criticized in the recent past.

Cosmetic users have now realized the harmful effects of cosmetics in its many various forms and are now even going to the extreme of boycotting those brands and companies. The switch to organic has been a well-received change in brand strategy as it is safer on skin and the environment. One of those brands are KIND makeup who now produce organic and vegan makeup for all skin types.

Ranges and varieties

Makeup is used for a number of reasons to enhance beauty, to hide flaws and marks and obviously to experiment and have fun with. However, in order to ensure all of the above makeup will have had to go under many changes and diversification. Back in the day it is possible to say that there were only a few varieties such eye shadows, lipstick and other facial applications.

Although now anyone would know the world of makeup is growing at a rate that unless you are keeping up you may have no idea about the new types of makeup. It is with these changes that the cosmetic industry has been able to thrive in the market. Producing products for all sorts of needs has clearly been a very good product diversification.

People are becoming increasingly concerned about skin care

Skin care is no joke as you must have heard. Our busy lives and food intakes all take a toll on our skin in ways we could not imagine. Hence why skin care has become such a trending topic of recent. Makeup has also been changed to suit different skin types and tones so that it contributes to inclusivity.

Since many ingredients can sometimes irritate skin the need to have low chemicals that are natural and safe have also been one of the many types of improvements seen. The strive toward safer, organic and natural makeup has not gone unnoticed by users.

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