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Fashion Tips for Every Lethargic Day

Let’s be honest, we are lazy most of the time unless our minds are set to motor on. Our popular outfits for these lazy days often are sweats and extremely loose-fitting clothes that can be slept in for most of the day. BUT there are fashion tips that can be incorporated into your lazy wardrobe as well!! Through these tips, you would not only be comfortable all the time, but you would also be dressed to get out the house without feeling embarrassed by your attire and create your own fashion statement. So, what are you waiting for? Read below;

Stick to Neutral Toned Clothes

Being lethargic to match clothes doesn’t mean that you don’t want to fashionable. So, purchase clothes from the 3rd story clothing stockist in neutral tones so that it provides the advantage of being paired with all the other pieces of clothing automatically. Through this, you are not limited to pairing only one top to one pair of pants or jeans, instead they can be paired alternatively to other pieces of clothing even if you are half asleep and not fully concentrating on what it is paired with, and you’ll look good, YAY!

Have A Few Vibrant Coloured Clothes

Although we assume that lazy people will be lazy all the time that is not true. When a mood hits, they too would want to look fashionable and trendy as can be. For this reason, if you happen to go shopping, try to purchase clothes that are off your neutral tones to help you with spicing up the usual statement of clothing. They could even be in the form of accessories, like a coloured handbag, or some trendy sandals.

Wear Undergarments That Could Be Revealed

As part of the lazy wardrobe options, it is common to find a lot of clothes that are loose-fitting which might end up falling off your shoulder for your bra to be visible. But this can be sorted if you choose to wear a sexy bralette out of lace or so, to make sure that even if it turns out visible, it will only be part of the fashion statement instead of adding to the taboo.

Pick a Romper Instead Of a Dress

Wearing a dress when you are too lazy might give an outcome of wearing this dress to the wrong place that can result in your skirt taking a trip against the gravity and embarrassing you all around. Choosing a romper instead of a dress would prevent this from happening while also making you look stylish and young at the same time. For lazy people, rompers > dresses all the time!

All the above tips are those which would complement the fashion statement of lazy girls although they seem less concerned of the attire. Through the implementation of any of the above, anyone would be able to be dressed in a manner that is suitable to take you outside the house and send you off for a nap on the couch as well.

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