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Everything You Need to Know About Hair

Hair is a vital aspect of a human’s body. A slight change in it, and it would feel like a whole-body makeover. There are two kinds of humans living on the planet. One- It is the group who have never changed their hairstyle since the age of 10. It is a scary thought for them to change it. Two- Those who change hairstyles like changing clothes.

They do it because it keeps them up with the trend.However, many also feel like a new person when the hairstyle is changed. Some only want to try out crazy ideas, whether it be half-bald or a coloured-bottom. There are some crazy one-time haircuts that have left many speechless with their uniqueness. Thus, your hairstyle is a promoting factor for your fame.

The craziest hairstyles till date-

┬áIf you have short hair, turn it into a tomato! It dyes the surrounding hair in red while forming green leaves in the centre. Thus, a top-view will depict a tomato.A boy would like it if he’s looking for something funky. The gecko cut shaves the hair off in a gecko shape, and with the right colours, it can do magic.Are you having a high volume of hair? The geometric hemisphere hair cut will be best suitable for frizzy, thick hair.

Love fruit, but your man isn’t bringing? Change his head to a fruit. Dye his hair yellow in the surrounding after cutting it in a low number. Leave long hair at the centre for making the petals, and turn them into a dark green! Your walking pineapple is a reader.

People are crazy and enthusiastic to deliver fashionable, creative, and innovative looks.However, the products used can be equally harmful to the hair. There are several measures to take to avoid these hair problems.Dramatic hairstyles peak interest when it’s a trend; but can impact negatively in the long-run.

A few of them are mentioned below:



This hairstyle brings adorability, highlighting your facial beauty.


For instance, if you cannot maintain it, it will eventually grow. Thus, the whole look of the hairstyle will vanish. 

Shorts hair


Short hair makes you look bold and sophisticated. 


It will limit the options of trying a new hairstyle.



If you have long hair and you haven’t cut it in a long time, the layer is a good option. You can create a new style but slightly adjust the length and create a new hairstyle.


It can get too messy, and hair can be a constant disturbance across your face. Also, taking braids will only ruin your style. Therefore, managing it in warm weather can be difficult.

Did you know?

All hair that we see are dead! The only hair that is not dead; are the ones inside our scalp. That’s why we shouldn’t consume anything that can cause direct damage to the hair. 

Each hair strand can bear up to 100 grams.

The second fastest-growing tissue in our bodies is the hair.

Black hair is the most common, and red is the rarest hair colour.

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